Friday, January 15, 2010

Great Live Concert Photography

Altared Visions Photography in Jackson, TN started our company on concert event photography. We are very experienced in this area.

We have done events with groups like, Skillet, Disciple, Toby Mac, Stephani Smith, Hawk Nelson, Kainos, and many more.

We have many friends in this area. We are constantly looking to help new comers and local bands to get a start.

It is hard to find affordable live event photographers, and we understand this. We will probably be the most affordable, for the quality.

It is exciting to shoot photos at live events like this, because concert photography is the most challenging type. It is fast paced, the subject is always moving, there is poor and constant changing light. This is not a problem for us, it is a challenge that we enjoy defeating.

Well, this is just a taste. We will add more posts very soon. We hope you guys enjoy the photos and God Bless you.
  • You should have all access passes for the photographers coming to shoot.
  • Speak to your photographer prior to the show, we must know the feel of the group
  • Please listen to what the photographer has to say, expecially about movement and lighting (if you want a great show, the photographer can help extremely with the lighting knowledge)
  • You must let the photographer know at the time of booking that flash photography will or will not be allowed
  • More info will be posted soon...

Not a terrific photo, but I am in it having fun so *sticking out toungue* ...